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Chad Bennett
Pablo Martin Barboza

Chad Bennett won by knockout (TKO)


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Total bets: 5

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Saturday, April 11 2015, Basketball Stadium, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia

Money: 17540
Percent: 86%
2015-04-07 04:09:27

BoxRec blocked its database in 2013 and fight adding is not automatic anymore. Adding the fights you see takes about 30 minutes every sunday (you can ask Kadoiron) Adding more fights than those (amateur, 2 star...) as well as giving prizes would only happen in a situation of donations happening more often (for the moment only David Selwyn -2012 and 2014- and John Gleeson -2015- did it, thanks to them!) BoxPicks costs money and hard work but it's FREE for you, isn't it? Asking for more is human, no problem, and i like it because it makes me think that you ENJOY the game. Otherwise balance is needed so the game will stay the way you are playing it now. Just have fun!

Money: 14657
Percent: 76%
2015-04-06 12:27:55

I miss betting on amateur fights here

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